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How we feed our chickens

Chicken Feed

The chickens seem to waste less feed when it’s given to them in pellet form.  They can be fed from a feeder, dish or right off the ground where they can really get busy scratching!  Plus, the mix is consistent in every bite.


Regarding our Standard Chicken Feed Mix,

We use only Non GMO Certified Organic grains grown with a regenerative agriculture practice.  We use hard red spring wheat for the carbohydrates, green and yellow field peas for protein, barley for fibre and vitamins, and flax seed for Omega 3 fatty oils.

Chickens love this feed.  Both growers and layers will thrive with this mix.


Regarding our Standard Chicken Feed Mix + Alfalfa

The same Non GMO Certified Grains used in our Standard Chicken Feed Mix are used but here we add Non GMO Certified Alfalfa as an additive.  We feed our chickens this mix during winter where they cannot get as much fresh green vegetation on their own.  Alfalfa has the added properties of reducing Salmonella bacillus in the chickens gut.  Our alfalfa mix is not intended to be used to induce molt.