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Backyard Chickens are the perfect sustainable, eco-friendly pet, and the eggs are a wonderful food source.  Like any other animal, what they eat is extremely important not only for a healthy pet but for healthy eggs.

Organic Dog Food

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Our certified organic, non gmo dog food is a natural source of great nutrition for your dog.  No chemical fertilizer or pesticides are used when growing our grains. We only use natural, ecologically friendly ingredients. We also use green energy.

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Certified Organic Alfalfa Pellets are a natural source of fertilizer and a perfect choice for gardeners.  The alfalfa plant is a nitrogen fixing legume that has a long reputation for soil improvement.

Recent Posts

How we feed our chickens

Chicken Feed The chickens seem to waste less feed when it’s given to them in pellet form.  They can be fed from a feeder, dish or right off the ground where they can really get busy scratching!  Plus, the mix is consistent in every bite.   Regarding our Standard Chicken Feed Mix, We use only Non GMO Certified Organic grains grown with a regenerative agriculture practice.  We use hard red spring wheat for the carbohydrates,

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Alfalfa as Compost Accelerant

We have been using a lawn sweeper on our large lawn for years and had accumulated a rather large pile of grass clippings and pine needles.  The pile was added to significantly each spring and again each fall just before the snow fell in the fall.  Once in a while, over the years,  I had stirred it up with a rototiller to entrain some air and had even bought 5 pounds of redworms and waited

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Bio Augmentation of soils with Organic Non-GMO Alfalfa

Problem: Compacted soil will restrict root growth and penetration into subsoil. This situation can lead to stunted, drought stressed plants as a result of restricted water and nutrient uptake, which results in reduced crop yields. In wetter than normal years, soil compaction can decrease soil aeration and lead to the increased loss of nitrate nitrogen by denitrification, which is the conversion of plant available nitrate-nitrogen into gaseous nitrogen forms that are lost to the atmosphere.

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A True Story

We accidentally left an open 50-pound bag of alfalfa pellets under the roof overhang of the barn. That night the rain dripped into the bag and in the morning there was steam rising up from some extremely fragrant alfalfa.  We shoveled the hot soggy bag into a tub and later dumped it out into the closest row crop as mulch. When harvest time came around we observed that the part of the bed where we put

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